Aamir Hussain: Shanti and Salaam

“I realized that my identity as an Indian Muslim made me a “cultural bridge” of sorts between the majority of Indians who are Hindu and American Muslims, who consist of a wide array of ethnic groups. I credit my parents for refusing to give into tribalism and religious paternalism, and encouraging me to respect and learn about other religions.”

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Aamir Hussain

Lina Mohammed: A Muslim Ethiopian American’s Journey to Success

“I want to change the global perception on the media that Muslim and African American are oppressed, depressed, and repressed in society when it comes to having a voice.”

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Lina Mohammed

MALA to Launch Young Leaders Program

In Fall 2018, MALA will launch its first civic leadership program geared towards developing young Muslim American professionals. MALA Young Leaders will meet for private roundtables with civic leaders, social entrepreneurs, and academic experts, and will participate in a series of seminars on leadership, community engagement, and social good. Ultimately, MALA Young Leaders will promote individual empowerment, independent thought, and diversity as they work to unite Americans of all backgrounds.

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MALA Young Leaders

Somann Irani: Giving it One Hundred and Ten Percent

“I am very happy and lucky to be able to find a career or a calling that is going to be able to give me financial success, but also that I really enjoy.”

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Somann Irani

Clyde Amin: The Ability To Create Change

“My advice to young people is that the time that you are living in is the time that you are prepared to live in.”

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Clyde Amin

I Said It Loudly: I Am An FGM Survivor

“My body was not supposed to be violated in this severe way, nor was my soul. Yet, both happened. But I am comforted in knowing that there are others I can talk to who understand my pain.”

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I am an FGM Survivor

MALA to Host Premier of National Geographic’s “The Muslim Next Door”

AMERICA INSIDE OUT WITH KATIE COURIC is a new six-part docuseries premiering on the National Geographic on April 11. Couric travels to dozens of cities across North America — from Freemont, Nebraska, to Montgomery, Alabama, to talk with hundreds of people to get an inside look at pressing social issues. On April 11, at 6:00PM, MALA will host the premier screening of ‘The Muslim Next Door’, the first installment in the series, at GWU’s Jack Morton Auditorium.

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The Muslim Next Door