Hailai Arghandiwal: Soccer Champion

Hailai Arghandiwal is the former captain of the Santa Clara Women’s Soccer Team, and current member of the Afghan Women’s National Team. I was born in Alameda, a nice town in the Bay Area in California. I am a first generation Afghan-American born to former refugee parents. My journey to finding my “why” in life […]

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Hailai Arghandiwal soccer player

Hanif Sufizada: Finding Stability Against the Odds

Hanif Sufizada shares his journey from poverty, war, and loss to earning a degree from Cornell — and then discovering that even an elite education is no guarantee of stability or employment. But through it all, he finds resilience in his Afghan heritage. I was born in Charbargh, a village in Laghman province in Afghanistan. […]

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Hanif Sufizada

Mohammad Hashim Pashtun: Finding True Leadership

Mohammad Hashim Pashtun describes his journey from displacement to belonging — and back to displacement, and finally belonging again.   I was born in Kandahar city, but only 6 months later, our family migrated to Quetta, Pakistan, a small town with a substantial minority of Afghan refugees. As a refugees in Pakistan, my father made […]

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Mohammad Hashim Pashtun

MALA Launches “Muslims in Tech” series

Chicago Tech Networking Events Will Connect Muslim American Professionals and Drive Meaningful Conversations In March 2018, MALA launched its “Muslims in Tech” conversation series in Chicago. Now, it’s a series, with the next conversation planned for July 31. Every quarter, MALA will convene a panel of leading Muslim American professionals in Chicago to share their […]

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Muslims in Tech

Ahmad Shah Mobariz: Harder than a Stone

In this story, Ahmad Shah Mobraiz shares his story of a childhood scarred by the Taliban, followed by a journey of resilience and a passion for education in the face of deep hardship and tragedy — a journey that was illuminated by his grandmother’s proverb. My grandmother would always tell us one proverb: “A man […]

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Ahmad Shah Mobariz passion for education

Amina Khan: Finding Contentment in My Religious Identity

To spotlight and amplify Muslim American voices, join MALA’s campaign to elevate public dialogue on Muslim-American identity in the 21st Century. In the spirit of this inspiring episode and series, we asked you to share your story with us: what is it really like to be Muslim in America? Selected stories are shared by MALA and […]

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Amina Khan shares her journey to defining her Islamic identity in modern America.