Sohib Boundaoui: Slipping Through the Cracks of Identity

Sohib Boundaoui’s insight into the mind of a child of immigrants is both encouraging and eye-opening. His insight into the mind of a child of immigrants is both encouraging and eye-opening. He talks about how he struggles to understand his identity as Northern African in America and in his Arab community. He shares how he […]

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Sohib Boundaoui Slipping Through the Cracks of Identity

Pious Ali: Using Faith as a Tool for Empowerment

“In the place where I grew up in Ghana, Muslims lived together with Christians (we did not have many Jews in that area) and we talked to each other. Whenever one would have a holy celebration, we would eat with each other, and participate in each other’s events. So, I decided to use what I have, which is my faith, to reach out to other people in the community.”

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MALA Honors Groundbreaking Yemeni-American Journalist

Rasheed Al-Nozili founded Yemeni American News, America’s leading Yemeni-American news source At MALA’s Third Annual Gala on November 6, 2018, MALA honored Rasheed Al-Nozili with MALA’s Community Builder Award for Journalism. Al-Nozili is the publisher of the Yemeni American Net website and the Yemeni American News, which was launched in 2008. The newspaper and website both publish […]

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Rasheed Al-Nozili

Yaasha Abraham: Calling On My Tribe

Yaasha Abraham talks about the way she reconciles strict religious ideas with the way she expresses herself artistically. She illustrates how much of an influence her religion plays in her understanding of the world and her individual art.   My name is Yaasha. I was not raised Muslim. I am what people now call a […]

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Yaasha Abraham Calling On My Tribe

US End FGM/C Network Statement on Judge’s Decision in Michigan Case

The shocking and disappointing news of the decision on Tuesday, November 20th 2018 to invalidate the federal FGM/C law, which has led to the dismissal of several key charges against the two doctors and six others accused of subjecting nine girls to FGM/C in the historic FGM /C case in Michigan further validates that this issue even more prevalent in the United States, as nearly half a million women and girls face the threat of being cut without their consent. As a member of the US End FGM/C Network Steering Committee, we share the collective Network Statement in response to this case.

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Orange The World: #HearMeToo: Amplifying Voices to Eliminate Gender Based Violence

For this campaign, in partnership with UN Women, we encourage everyone to stand tall against all forms of violence that affect women and girls. By making our activism inclusive, by broadening the base of our empathy, and expanding the horizons of how we engage with advocacy, we can build communities that are more informed, less afraid, and safe for everyone.

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Muna Khalif: Designing to Empower

“As a First-generation Somali-American designer and activist, my goal was to usher in a new era of women’s fashion. It became quite apparent to me that it was difficult to find clothes that were seasonally on trend and that met religious and cultural requirements in an industry that already lacked representation.”

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Muna Khalif Designing to Empower

MALA’s Third Annual Gala Honors Leaders, Storytellers

On November 6th, MALA’s Third Annual Gala drew over 100 friends and supporters from across the country to the iconic Chicago History Museum to “celebrate our histories.” Attendees were greeted by MALA cofounders Zainab Khan, Ahmed Omar, and Emil Aldaddah. Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel sent a congratulatory letter, also welcoming attendees to the celebration. “As […]

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MALA Cofounders at MALA Gala 2018

Amal Hagisufi: Shattering Traditional Norms

“My upbringing as a Muslim woman in a western country meant that I was going to have to come to terms with the duality of my identity.”

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Amal Hagisufi Shattering Traditional Norms

Ameer Khan: I Can Be Holy and Queer

“Upon introspection, my own identity was intersectional, having an immigrant family, being from the LGBT community, and being Muslim.”

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Ameer Khan I Can Be Holy and Queer