The Muslim American Leadership Alliance (MALA) is a 501(c)3 civic and community organization committed to promoting individual freedom and diversity, and to celebrating Muslim American heritage.


The Muslim American Leadership Alliance is dedicated to leadership through integrity, and as such provides a platform for people to share their individual stories and to speak for themselves. MALA nurtures emerging community leaders, and unites Americans of all backgrounds to advance constructive solutions to extremism and human rights abuses. MALA is open to choice and creed, and embraces free expression, gender equality, and pluralism as cherished universal ideals.





MALA’s programs aim to

  • Inspire Muslim-Americans to share their unique stories and shape their futures;
  • Elevate public dialogue on Muslim-American identity in the 21st Century;
  • Unite all Americans in a common struggle for freedom and human rights;
  • Partner with civic leaders to strengthen community and counter extremism;
  • Mentor and empower emerging young leaders.


OUR MOTTO – “Elevate Y/our Journey”
  • Elevate: Because values define our journeys and choices have consequences, we strive to do better and achieve meaningful impact.
  • Y/Our: Because individual progress is linked to community progress – and vice versa – we come together while respecting individuality.
  • Journey: Our identities are constantly unfolding as we make choices and define ourselves.


  • Discourse & Dialogue – Build bridges through a respectful exchange of ideas
  • Individuality & Inclusion – Define yourself – and welcome others – without repression or conformity
  • Freedom & Equal Opportunity – Open societies enable Muslims to thrive in a diverse community
  • Pride – Being both Muslim and American provides an important opportunity for leadership, at home and abroad
  • Leadership & Integrity – Stand up for what we believe in and help others do the same


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