MALA is a civil rights  civic & community organization committed to promoting individual freedom and  celebrating Muslim-American heritage. Our advocacy actions are driven by our core values:

  • Discourse & Dialogue – Build bridges through a respectful exchange of ideas
  • Individuality & Inclusion – Define yourself – and welcome others – without repression or conformity
  • Freedom & Equal Opportunity – Open societies enable Muslims to thrive in a diverse community
  • Pride – Being both Muslim and American provides an important opportunity for leadership, at home and abroad
  • Leadership & Integrity – Stand up for what we believe in and help others do the same

“Muslim American Journeys” is our premier civic engagement project, providing a platform for Muslim-Americans to share their own unique stories. We aim to enhance understanding of the diversity of Muslim-Americans and provide recognition for these voices within American society. We are proud that every story recorded in partnership with NPR’s StoryCorps is archived in the Library of Congress. When outstanding stories are broadcast on National Public Radio, we hope these help elevate public dialogue on Muslim-American identity in the 21st Century.

While “Journeys” highlights the stories of Americans of Muslim heritage, other MALA campaigns aim to unite Americans of all backgrounds to advance constructive solutions to extremism and human rights abuses. Literally and metaphorically, we link arms with fellow Americans to stand up for basic human rights for freedom. Initial campaigning includes supporting the film “He Named Me Malala” as ways to build awareness of challenges at home and abroad to women’s rights. We are proud to partner with other civic organizations on these efforts.

Finally, we mentor and empower emerging young leaders. Beyond giving them a platform to tell their stories, MALA runs leadership training workshops. For example, we have led workshops on gender disparity at Benedictine University for the State Department’s Middle Eastern Partnership Initiative Study of the U.S. Institute for Student Leaders. In addition to formal workshops, much of our community engagement work involves providing one-on-one mentoring to outstanding young leaders who seek out our mentorship to help advance their leadership journeys.