What does MALA stand for?

MALA is the Muslim American Leadership Alliance. We are a 501c3 civil rights organization committed to promoting individual freedom and celebrating Muslim-American heritage. An alliance dedicated to leadership through integrity, MALA provides a platform for Muslim-Americans to share their stories; nurtures emerging community leaders; and unites Americans of all backgrounds to advance constructive solutions to extremism and human rights abuses. We embrace free expression, gender equality, and pluralism as cherished universal ideals – and recognize the United Status as one of the best countries in the world to be Muslim because of our country’s core values.

How can I submit my own story to the “Muslim American Journeys” project?

Thank you for your interest in “Muslim American Journeys,” a MALA project in partnership with NPR’s StoryCorps. Americans of Muslim heritage – a purposefully broad definition – are welcome to participate in the project. You can submit your story via our website under the “Our Stories” section (see the top navigation bar). Audio recording sessions are regularly being scheduled at StoryCorps studios. When you submit your story online, indicate that you are interested in being interviewed by a StoryCorps interviewer.

How can I get more involved with MALA?

MALA is a new and growing organization. As we continue to expand our programs here are a few simple ways to participate in and support MALA’s work. (1) Submit your own narrative to the “Muslim American Journeys” story project. (2) Follow MALA on social media, including Twitter and Facebook. (3) Sign up for MALA’s email newsletter. (4) Make a tax-deductible contribution to support our programs. Thank you!

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