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“Muslim American Journeys” is a MALA program that aims to aims to document oral history, inspire pride, strengthen social cohesion, and celebrate individuality. Some of our stories are also produced in partnership with NPR’s StoryCorps and archived into the Library of Congress, providing a platform for Americans of Muslim heritage to share their own individual stories. By sharing a broad range of narratives and experiences, we aim to promote diversity and inclusion. We all have stories to tell: stories that deserve to be collected, conserved, and celebrated. If you would like to have your story featured, please fill out the story submission form below.

How do I submit my narrative?
You can submit your story online via the form below. You can also email your narrative to If you email us, please make sure to include a photograph of yourself and a 3 sentence bio about yourself for narrative’s introduction.

How long should my narrative be?
Aim to have your narrative fit between 300 and 900 words. Your narrative should be just as long as it needs to be to keep your audience engaged.

Is my personal journey actually interesting to other people?
Everyone has a story to tell. It may not be your full life story. It may just one interesting moment or encounter that impacted your life. Think about what makes you who you are – something unique, something unusual that happened to you and shapes your identity. Share a little bit about your life.

Any tips for writing my narrative?
Classic advice from writing teachers is: “Show, don’t tell.” Share a story from your life – don’t write an opinion piece. Make sure to include descriptive details from your life and your experiences. If you want to draw insights from these experiences, that can be interesting. But try to avoid a narrative that is really just an editorial.

If I am not like most Muslim Americans, is my narrative still okay?
“Muslim American Journeys” celebrates individuality and aims to counter simplistic stereotypes. You are who you are – and that makes your journey interesting. Please do not be shy to share how you live your own life. Everyone is on a unique personal journey that is constantly evolving. Don’t be shy to share yours.

What happens after I submit my story?
Due to growing interest in “Muslim American Journeys,” MALA cannot always respond immediately to your submission, though we aim to reply within 10 days. Our team will review your submission and sometimes makes edits to fix typos/grammar and to shorten the piece if it is long. Sometimes we suggest edits to strengthen the narrative. Any substantive edits are sent to you for review before your story is posted online.

Can I invite my friends to submit their stories?
Absolutely! Please help spread the word about “Muslim American Journeys.”

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